Sonos ROA 2016-2024 | SONO

Current and historical return on assets (ROA) values for Sonos (SONO) over the last 10 years. Return on assets can be defined as an indicator of how profitable a company is relative to its total assets. Calculated by dividing a company's operating earnings by its total assets.
Sonos ROA - Return on Assets Historical Data
Date TTM Net Income Total Assets Return on Assets
2024-03-31 $-0.04B $0.93B -4.29%
2023-12-31 $-0.00B $1.11B -0.47%
2023-09-30 $-0.01B $1.00B -1.02%
2023-06-30 $-0.04B $1.07B -3.89%
2023-03-31 $-0.02B $1.06B -1.79%
2022-12-31 $0.02B $1.21B 1.56%
2022-09-30 $0.07B $1.19B 5.33%
2022-06-30 $0.12B $1.24B 9.80%
2022-03-31 $0.14B $1.23B 11.70%
2021-12-31 $0.15B $1.37B 12.83%
2021-09-30 $0.16B $1.14B 14.57%
2021-06-30 $0.19B $1.08B 18.43%
2021-03-31 $0.11B $1.05B 12.30%
2020-12-31 $0.04B $1.07B 5.18%
2020-09-30 $-0.02B $0.82B -2.69%
2020-06-30 $-0.07B $0.65B -9.32%
2020-03-31 $-0.03B $0.64B -3.43%
2019-12-31 $0.00B $0.87B 0.56%
2019-09-30 $-0.00B $0.76B -0.77%
2019-06-30 $0.04B $0.64B 7.27%
2019-03-31 $0.03B $0.55B 5.69%
2018-12-31 $0.02B $0.64B 5.17%
2018-09-30 $-0.02B $0.59B -6.48%
2018-03-31 $-0.02B $0.00B inf%
Sector Industry Market Cap Revenue
Consumer Discretionary Audio & Video Home Production $1.698B $1.655B
Sonos operates as a consumer electronics company that is primarily involved in the manufacturing of smart speakers with immersive sound experience. The company leverages evolving consumer technology and entertainment trends to be on par with the audio consumption patterns of customers that is largely characterized by fast-tracked adoption of voice assistants and streaming services. Catering to a varied base of developers, customers and content partners, the company is well poised to capitalize on the potential market opportunities in the booming home audio market. Also, the speakers are specifically designed to deliver a seamless customer experience in a multi-user and open platform environment, thanks to its proprietary software platform. Its product portfolio includes Sonos speakers, Sonos System Products, and Partner Products and Other Revenue category.
Stock Name Country Market Cap PE Ratio
Sony (SONY) Japan $114.573B 17.06
Toshiba (TOSYY) Japan $12.933B 0.00
Dolby Laboratories (DLB) United States $7.561B 31.81
GoPro (GPRO) United States $0.237B 0.00
LiveOne (LVO) United States $0.147B 0.00
Koss (KOSS) United States $0.083B 0.00
Kuke Music Holding (KUKE) China $0.031B 0.00
LIZHI INC (SOGP) China $0.012B 2.28
Singing Machine (MICS) United States $0.004B 0.00