Worthington Steel Cash on Hand 2023-2024 | WS

Worthington Steel cash on hand from 2023 to 2024. Cash on hand can be defined as cash deposits at financial institutions that can immediately be withdrawn at any time, and investments maturing in one year or less that are highly liquid and therefore regarded as cash equivalents and reported with or near cash line items.
Worthington Steel Annual Cash on Hand
(Millions of US $)
2023 $
Worthington Steel Quarterly Cash on Hand
(Millions of US $)
2024-02-29 $61
2023-11-30 $214
2023-05-31 $33
Sector Industry Market Cap Revenue
Basic Materials Steel - Specialty Alloys $1.536B $0.000B
Worthington Steel is a metals processor which partners with customers to deliver highly technical and customized solutions. Worthington Steel is based in COLUMBUS, Ohio.
Stock Name Country Market Cap PE Ratio
ATI (ATI) United States $6.828B 24.28
Carpenter Technology (CRS) United States $5.034B 27.42
Metallus (MTUS) United States $0.899B 10.05
Haynes (HAYN) United States $0.740B 19.56
Huadi Group (HUDI) China $0.034B 0.00