EOG Resources Debt to Equity Ratio 2006-2019 | EOG

Current and historical debt to equity ratio values for EOG Resources (EOG) over the last 10 years. The debt/equity ratio can be defined as a measure of a company's financial leverage calculated by dividing its long-term debt by stockholders' equity. EOG Resources debt/equity for the three months ending March 31, 2019 was 0.26.
EOG Resources Debt/Equity Ratio Historical Data
Date Long Term Debt Shareholder's Equity Debt to Equity Ratio
2019-03-31 $5.17B $19.90B 0.26
2018-12-31 $5.17B $19.36B 0.27
2018-09-30 $5.17B $18.54B 0.28
2018-06-30 $5.17B $17.45B 0.30
2018-03-31 $6.07B $16.84B 0.36
2017-12-31 $6.03B $16.28B 0.37
2017-09-30 $6.38B $13.92B 0.46
2017-06-30 $6.38B $13.90B 0.46
2017-03-31 $6.98B $13.93B 0.50
2016-12-31 $6.98B $13.98B 0.50
2016-09-30 $6.98B $11.80B 0.59
2016-06-30 $6.98B $12.06B 0.58
2016-03-31 $6.98B $12.41B 0.56
2015-12-31 $6.65B $12.94B 0.51
2015-09-30 $6.39B $13.28B 0.48
2015-06-30 $6.39B $17.43B 0.37
2015-03-31 $6.39B $17.47B 0.37
2014-12-31 $5.90B $17.71B 0.33
2014-09-30 $5.90B $17.72B 0.33
2014-06-30 $5.90B $16.71B 0.35
2014-03-31 $5.90B $16.03B 0.37
2013-12-31 $5.91B $15.42B 0.38
2013-09-30 $5.91B $14.86B 0.40
2013-06-30 $5.91B $14.39B 0.41
2013-03-31 $5.91B $13.76B 0.43
2012-12-31 $5.91B $13.29B 0.45
2012-09-30 $6.31B $13.79B 0.46
2012-06-30 $5.01B $13.36B 0.38
2012-03-31 $5.01B $12.99B 0.39
2011-12-31 $5.01B $12.64B 0.40
2011-09-30 $5.01B $12.49B 0.40
2011-06-30 $5.01B $12.08B 0.42
2011-03-31 $5.01B $11.79B 0.43
2010-12-31 $5.00B $10.23B 0.49
2010-09-30 $3.77B $10.12B 0.37
2010-06-30 $3.73B $10.13B 0.37
2010-03-31 $2.76B $10.17B 0.27
2009-12-31 $2.76B $10.00B 0.28
2009-09-30 $2.76B $9.52B 0.29
2009-06-30 $2.76B $9.26B 0.30
2009-03-31 $2.11B $9.12B 0.23
2008-12-31 $1.86B $9.01B 0.21
2008-09-30 $1.86B $8.92B 0.21
2008-06-30 $1.15B $7.43B 0.15
2008-03-31 $1.19B $7.19B 0.17
2007-12-31 $1.19B $6.99B 0.17
2007-09-30 $1.19B $6.58B 0.18
2007-06-30 $0.88B $6.24B 0.14
2007-03-31 $0.82B $5.79B 0.14
2006-12-31 $0.73B $5.55B 0.13
2006-09-30 $0.71B $5.38B 0.13
2006-06-30 $0.77B $5.05B 0.15
2006-03-31 $0.81B $4.64B 0.17
2005-12-31 $0.86B $4.22B 0.20
2005-09-30 $1.04B $3.75B 0.28
2005-06-30 $1.12B $3.30B 0.34
2005-03-31 $1.12B $3.06B 0.37
Sector Industry Market Cap Revenue
Oils/Energy Oil & Gas - US Exploration and Production $50.511B $17.275B
EOG Resources, Inc. is one of the largest independent (non-integrated) crude oil and natural gas companies in the United States with proved reserves in the United States, Trinidad, the United Kingdom and China. EOG's strategy is to generate the best rates of return by controlling operating and capital costs while maximizing oil and natural gas reserve recoveries. EOG strives to maintain the lowest possible operating cost structure that is consistent with prudent and safe operations. The company focuses on integrating technology such as 3D seismic, core analysis, and microseismic to develop proprietary petro-physical models. In order to find and develop low-cost reserves, EOG prioritizes exploration and drilling of internally generated prospects. This strategy is intended to consistently deliver cost-effective oil and natural gas production that maximizes cash flow and earnings, allowing the company to deliver long-term shareholder value while maintaining a strong balance sheet.
Stock Name Country Market Cap PE Ratio
Anadarko Petroleum (APC) United States $36.866B 32.33
Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD) United States $23.254B 21.27
Concho Resources (CXO) United States $20.384B 23.52
Cheniere Energy (LNG) United States $17.249B 67.69
Diamondback Energy (FANG) United States $17.226B 17.85
Continental Resources (CLR) United States $13.661B 13.19
Devon Energy (DVN) United States $10.938B 18.42
Noble Energy (NBL) United States $10.134B 45.09
Cabot Oil & Gas (COG) United States $9.448B 14.04
Apache (APA) United States $9.033B 15.60
Parsley Energy (PE) United States $5.231B 12.15
Cimarex Energy Co (XEC) United States $5.012B 7.31
WPX Energy (WPX) United States $4.341B 51.40
Viper Energy Partners LP (VNOM) United States $4.080B 67.13
EQT (EQT) United States $3.948B 6.41
Murphy Oil (MUR) United States $3.745B 18.44
Magnolia Oil & Gas Corp (MGY) United States $2.697B 0.00
Chesapeake Energy (CHK) United States $2.647B 2.35
Matador Resources (MTDR) United States $2.059B 12.18
PDC Energy (PDCE) United States $1.951B 0.00
CENTENNIAL RES (CDEV) United States $1.725B 10.06
Jagged Peak Energy (JAG) United States $1.615B 12.62
Antero Resources (AR) United States $1.518B 4.86
Oasis Petroleum (OAS) United States $1.481B 32.86
Whiting Petroleum (WLL) United States $1.429B 11.77
CNX Resources (CNX) United States $1.396B 5.10
Range Resources (RRC) United States $1.329B 5.14
Southwestern Energy (SWN) United States $1.320B 2.42
QEP Resources (QEP) United States $1.266B 21.28
Noble Midstream Partners LP (NBLX) United States $1.249B 7.85
Stone Energy (TALO) United States $1.224B 45.20
Sundance Energy Australia (SNDE) Australia $1.114B 0.00
SM Energy (SM) United States $1.111B 0.00
Geopark (GPRK) Chile $1.110B 13.82
Callon Petroleum (CPE) United States $1.110B 6.32
Synergy Resources (SRCI) United States $0.973B 3.70
Carrizo Oil & Gas (CRZO) United States $0.874B 3.42
Berry Petroleum (BRY) United States $0.839B 8.07
California Resources (CRC) United States $0.713B 8.70
Laredo Petroleum (LPI) United States $0.695B 3.67
W&T Offshore (WTI) United States $0.679B 5.62
EXTRACTION O&G (XOG) United States $0.650B 0.00
Comstock Resources (CRK) United States $0.637B 0.00
Northern Oil And Gas (NOG) United States $0.608B 3.06
Gulfport Energy (GPOR) United States $0.597B 2.27
FTS (FTSI) United States $0.513B 2.65
Denbury Resources (DNR) United States $0.512B 2.41
Penn Virginia (PVAC) United States $0.454B 3.01
Bonanza Creek Energy (BCEI) United States $0.437B 4.47
Earthstone Energy (ESTE) United States $0.307B 4.73
HIGHPOINT RESOURCES CORP (HPR) United States $0.291B 0.00
PrimeEnergy (PNRG) United States $0.237B 48.50
Evolution Petroleum (EPM) United States $0.206B 12.40
Ring Energy (REI) United States $0.201B 6.19
Chaparral Energy (CHAP) United States $0.194B 0.00
Panhandle Royalty (PHX) United States $0.193B 24.21
Roan Resources (ROAN) United States $0.188B 0.00
Abraxas Petroleum (AXAS) United States $0.162B 8.73
Eclipse Resources (MR) United States $0.152B 4.76
SilverBow Resources (SBOW) United States $0.139B 1.70
Goodrich Petroleum (GDP) United States $0.137B 16.36
KLR Energy Acquisition (ROSE) United States $0.135B 0.50
Torchlight Energy Resources (TRCH) United States $0.113B 0.00
Amplify Energy (AMPY) United States $0.104B 8.75
VOC Energy Trust (VOC) United States $0.096B 7.49
SandRidge Permian Trust (PER) United States $0.092B 3.65
Lonestar Resources US (LONE) United States $0.062B 0.00
CARBON ENERGY CORP (CRBO) United States $0.061B 8.16