Antelope Enterprise Holdings L Return on Tangible Equity 2010-2023 | AEHL

Current and historical return on tangible equity values for Antelope Enterprise Holdings L (AEHL) over the last 10 years. Return on tangible equity can be defined as the amount of net income returned as a percentage of shareholders equity, after subtracting intangible assets, goodwill and preferred equity.
Antelope Enterprise Holdings L Return On Tangible Equity Historical Data
Date TTM Net Income Tangible Equity Return on Tangible Equity
2016-12-31 $-0.05B $0.12B -31.02%
2016-09-30 $-0.06B $0.17B -35.50%
2016-06-30 $-0.06B $0.17B -30.27%
2016-03-31 $-0.06B $0.17B -28.29%
2015-12-31 $-0.06B $0.17B -26.76%
2015-09-30 $0.01B $0.23B 3.46%
2015-06-30 $0.01B $0.24B 4.32%
2015-03-31 $0.01B $0.23B 3.11%
2014-12-31 $-0.01B $0.23B -2.26%
2014-09-30 $-0.01B $0.23B -3.64%
2014-06-30 $-0.01B $0.21B -5.92%
2014-03-31 $-0.01B $0.21B -4.92%
2013-12-31 $0.00B $0.22B 0.00%
2013-09-30 $0.00B $0.23B 1.76%
2013-06-30 $0.02B $0.23B 6.67%
2013-03-31 $0.03B $0.23B 12.27%
2012-12-31 $0.04B $0.22B 18.35%
2012-09-30 $0.05B $0.22B 25.81%
2012-06-30 $0.05B $0.21B 27.70%
2012-03-31 $0.05B $0.20B 28.24%
2011-12-31 $0.05B $0.18B 28.89%
2011-09-30 $0.04B $0.17B 27.35%
2011-06-30 $0.04B $0.15B 28.85%
2011-03-31 $0.03B $0.14B 30.63%
2010-12-31 $0.03B $0.13B 34.74%
2010-09-30 $0.03B $0.09B 34.36%
2010-06-30 $0.03B $0.08B 34.50%
2010-03-31 $0.03B $0.08B 43.48%
2009-12-31 $0.02B $0.07B 59.35%
Sector Industry Market Cap Revenue
Multi-Sector Conglomerates Diversified Operations $0.017B $0.072B
Antelope Enterprise Holdings Limited is a diversified company which manufactures ceramic tiles used in residential and commercial buildings and engages in computer consulting and software development principally in China. The company's products are sold under the Hengda, Hengdeli, the TOERTO and WULIQIAO brands, the Pottery Capital of Tang Dynasty brands. Antelope Enterprise Holdings Limited, formerly known as China Ceramics Co. Ltd., is based in Fujian Province, China.
Stock Name Country Market Cap PE Ratio
PDD Holdings (PDD) Ireland $195.952B 18.79
Danaher (DHR) United States $182.727B 30.53
Honeywell (HON) United States $140.077B 23.01
Hitachi (HTHIY) Japan $108.333B 13.77
3M (MMM) United States $57.572B 10.77
Marubeni (MARUY) Japan $31.922B 9.81
Sumitomo (SSUMY) Japan $31.121B 12.19
Markel Group (MKL) United States $20.782B 14.06
Carlisle (CSL) United States $20.494B 24.26
Ck Hutchison Holdings (CKHUY) Hong Kong, SAR China $19.763B 0.00
Bunzl (BZLFY) United Kingdom $13.994B 0.00
ITT (ITT) United States $11.107B 24.72
Jardine Matheson Holdings (JMHLY) China $10.497B 0.00
Icahn Enterprises (IEP) United States $7.670B 0.00
China Merchants Holdings (CMHHY) Hong Kong, SAR China $6.196B 0.00
Federal Signal (FSS) United States $5.544B 32.88
IAC (IAC) United States $3.908B 0.00
Griffon (GFF) United States $3.307B 13.62
Atlanta Braves Holdings (BATRB) $2.908B 0.00
Atlanta Braves Holdings (BATRA) United States $2.719B 0.00
Worthington Enterprises (WOR) United States $2.397B 10.93
Atlanta Braves Holdings (BATRK) $2.114B 0.00
First Pacific (FPAFY) Hong Kong, SAR China $1.944B 0.00
Vector Group (VGR) United States $1.745B 8.87
Falcon's Beyond Global (FBYD) United States $1.539B 0.00
Barloworld (BRRAY) South Africa $0.791B 0.00
Steel Partners Holdings LP (SPLP) United States $0.734B 5.27
Lsb Industries (LXU) United States $0.562B 41.32
National Presto Industries (NPK) United States $0.527B 16.40
Scully Royalty (SRL) China $0.110B 0.00
Live Ventures (LIVE) United States $0.068B 0.00
INNOVATE (VATE) United States $0.058B 0.00
Great Elm (GEG) United States $0.057B 0.00
Fundamental Global (FGF) United States $0.029B 0.00
La Rosa Holdings (LRHC) United States $0.025B 0.00
Star Equity Holdings (STRR) United States $0.015B 0.00
Alpine 4 Holdings (ALPP) United States $0.014B 0.00
Alset (AEI) United States $0.013B 0.00
Paranovus Entertainment Technology (PAVS) China $0.007B 0.00
Jet.AI (JTAI) United States $0.004B 0.00
Addentax Group (ATXG) China $0.003B 0.00
Fresh2 Group (FRES) China $0.003B 0.00
Aquaron Acquisition (JXJT) China $0.001B 0.00
TROOPS (TROO) Hong Kong, SAR China $0.000B 0.00