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1970s Stagflation Illustrated

A Debt-Fueled Stock Market

An Economy Addicted to Debt

Asset Price Bubbles Since 1976

Auto and Light Truck Sales Historical Chart

Capacity Utilization Rate and the CPI

Case-Shiller, FHFA and CPI Rental Indices Compared

Civilian Employment to Population Ratio

Core CPI vs Core PCE Price Indexes

CPI Food vs CPI Energy Historical Chart

CPI versus Non-Farm Payrolls Since 1941

CPI vs PPI - Historical Chart

CPI vs PPI - Last Five Years

Crude Oil Price History Chart

Crude Oil vs the S&P 500

Debt to GDP Ratio Historical Chart

DJIA vs Dow Transports - Historical Chart

Dollar, Gold and Oil - Historical Chart

Dollar, Gold and Oil Chart - Last Ten Years

Double-Dip Recession? Housing Starts

Double-Dip Recession? ISM PMI

Double-Dip Recession? Retail Sales

Dow Jones 100 Year Historical Chart

Dow Jones Industrial Average Last 10 Years

Dow Jones Utility Average - Historical Chart

Dow to Gold Ratio - 100 Year Historical Chart

Dow to Gold: Secular Market Cycles

Fed Balance Sheet vs. Gold Price

FHFA Housing vs CPI Rent Index

Gold and Silver Prices - 100 Year Historical Chart

Gold at $3000? Only if Bubbles Repeat...

Gold to Monetary Base Ratio

Gold to Oil Ratio Historical Chart

Gold to S&P 500 Ratio

Gold to Silver Ratio Historical Chart

Gold vs the CPI - Historical Chart

Historical Gold Price Chart

Historical LIBOR Rates Chart

Historically High Real Estate Loan Delinquencies

Housing Bubble and ABS Growth

Housing Permits Historical Chart

Housing Starts Historical Chart

HUI to Gold Ratio

ISM Employment Leads Unemployment Rate

ISM PMI vs New Orders - Historical Chart

ISM Price Index Leads the CPI

ISM Price Index Leads the CPI - Last 5 Years

Jobless Claims - Last 5 Years

Jobless Claims Historical Chart

Jobless Claims Lead the Unemployment Rate

Lots of Inflation, Not So Many New Jobs

Lots of New Debt, Not Many New Jobs

Median Duration of Unemployment - Historical Chart

NASDAQ Historical Chart Adjusted for Inflation

Oil Prices vs the CPI - Historical Chart

Retail Sales Historical Chart

S&P 500 Earnings History

S&P 500 Secular Market Cycles

Shanghai vs Hang Seng vs Bovespa - Historical Chart

Shanghai vs Hang Seng vs Bovespa Chart

Stagflation Impact on DJIA Returns

Stock Market Cycles - Historical Chart

TED Spread Historical Chart

The Four Biggest U.S. Bubbles

The S&P 500 and Jobless Claims

The Yield Curve vs S&P 500 Performance

U.S. Dollar Index Historical Chart

U6 Unemployment Rate

Unemployment Measured Three Ways

Unemployment Rate - Last Ten Years

Unemployment Rate Historical Chart

XAU to Gold Ratio

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