Summit State Bank ROA 2007-2018 | SSBI

Current and historical return on assets (ROA) values for Summit State Bank (SSBI) over the last 10 years. Return on assets can be defined as an indicator of how profitable a company is relative to its total assets. Calculated by dividing a company's operating earnings by its total assets. Summit State Bank ROA for the three months ending September 30, 2018 was 0.00%.
Summit State Bank ROA - Return on Assets Historical Data
Date TTM Net Income Total Assets Return on Assets
2018-09-30 $0.01B $0.00B inf%
2018-06-30 $0.00B $0.00B inf%
2018-03-31 $0.00B $0.00B inf%
2017-12-31 $0.00B $0.00B inf%
2017-09-30 $0.00B $0.00B inf%
2017-06-30 $0.00B $0.00B inf%
2017-03-31 $0.00B $0.00B inf%
2016-12-31 $0.00B $0.00B inf%
2016-09-30 $0.00B $0.00B inf%
2016-06-30 $0.00B $0.00B inf%
2016-03-31 $0.01B $0.00B inf%
2015-12-31 $0.01B $0.00B inf%
2015-09-30 $0.01B $0.00B inf%
2015-06-30 $0.01B $0.00B inf%
2015-03-31 $0.01B $0.00B inf%
2014-12-31 $0.01B $0.00B inf%
2014-09-30 $0.00B $0.00B inf%
2014-06-30 $0.00B $0.00B inf%
2014-03-31 $0.00B $0.00B inf%
2013-12-31 $0.00B $0.00B inf%
2013-09-30 $0.00B $0.00B inf%
2013-06-30 $0.00B $0.00B inf%
2013-03-31 $0.00B $0.00B inf%
2012-12-31 $0.00B $0.00B inf%
2012-09-30 $0.00B $0.00B 4.12%
2012-06-30 $0.00B $0.00B 1.53%
2012-03-31 $0.00B $0.00B 1.03%
2011-12-31 $0.00B $0.39B 0.52%
2011-09-30 $0.00B $0.40B 0.27%
2011-06-30 $0.00B $0.38B 0.27%
2011-03-31 $0.00B $0.37B 0.28%
2010-12-31 $0.00B $0.35B 0.57%
2010-09-30 $0.00B $0.35B 0.57%
2010-06-30 $0.00B $0.36B 0.57%
2010-03-31 $0.00B $0.35B 0.57%
2009-12-31 $0.00B $0.34B 0.57%
2009-09-30 $0.00B $0.35B 0.84%
2009-06-30 $0.00B $0.36B 0.56%
2009-03-31 $0.00B $0.36B 0.56%
2008-12-31 $0.00B $0.37B 0.29%
2008-09-30 $0.00B $0.35B 0.00%
2008-06-30 $0.00B $0.34B 0.59%
2008-03-31 $0.00B $0.33B 0.30%
2007-12-31 $0.00B $0.34B 0.60%
2007-09-30 $0.00B $0.34B 0.92%
2007-06-30 $0.00B $0.33B 0.94%
2007-03-31 $0.00B $0.32B 1.29%
2006-12-31 $0.00B $0.31B 1.33%
Sector Industry Market Cap Revenue
Finance Banks - West $0.067B $0.022B
SUMMIT STATE BANK has total assets of $334 million and total equity of $48 million at March 31, 2008. The Bank provides diverse financial products and services which are marketed throughout Sonoma County, California and surrounding areas, with offices located in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Petaluma and Windsor. Summit State Bank stock is traded on the Nasdaq Global Market under the symbol SSBI.
Stock Name Country Market Cap PE Ratio
First Republic Bank (FRC) United States $14.146B 19.41
SVB Financial Group (SIVB) United States $10.444B 12.23
Zions Bancorporation (ZION) United States $8.168B 11.13
East West Bancorp (EWBC) United States $6.559B 10.40
Western Alliance Bancorporation (WAL) United States $4.298B 10.55
PacWest Bancorp (PACW) United States $4.132B 9.81
Umpqua Holdings (UMPQ) United States $3.808B 12.26
Glacier Bancorp (GBCI) United States $3.660B 21.33
First Hawaiian (FHB) United States $3.182B 12.22
Bank Of Hawaii (BOH) United States $3.007B 14.32
CVB Financial (CVBF) United States $2.958B 17.28
Cathay General Bancorp (CATY) United States $2.910B 11.36
Columbia Banking System (COLB) United States $2.749B 15.90
Hope Bancorp (HOPE) United States $1.651B 9.03
Westamerica Bancorporation (WABC) United States $1.530B 22.54
TriCo Bancshares (TCBK) United States $1.089B 15.64
CPB (CPF) United States $0.742B 13.60
Guaranty Bancorp (GBNK) United States $0.648B 11.83
Hanmi Financial (HAFC) United States $0.631B 10.33
Preferred Bank (PFBC) United States $0.581B 10.00
People's Utah Bancorp (PUB) United States $0.550B 14.63
Bank Of Marin Bancorp (BMRC) United States $0.548B 19.36
Heritage Commerce Corp (HTBK) United States $0.535B 13.16
Sierra Bancorp (BSRR) United States $0.397B 13.97
RBB Bancorp (RBB) United States $0.383B 10.21
Central Valley Community Bancorp (CVCY) United States $0.263B 13.24
Northrim BanCorp Inc (NRIM) United States $0.229B 12.63
Bay Commercial Bank (BCML) United States $0.228B 13.23
Bank Of Commerce Holdings (CA) (BOCH) United States $0.173B 12.93
First Northwest Bancorp (FNWB) United States $0.172B 26.12
Pacific Mercantile Bancorp (PMBC) United States $0.166B 7.01
First Financial Northwest (FFNW) United States $0.165B 9.79
United Security Bancshares (UBFO) United States $0.163B 12.72
FS Bancorp (FSBW) United States $0.162B 10.04
Coastal Financial (CCB) United States $0.157B 0.00
Oak Valley Bancorp (CA) (OVLY) United States $0.139B 12.29
Plumas Bancorp (PLBC) United States $0.114B 8.93
Community West Bancshares (CWBC) United States $0.087B 11.84
Sound Financial Bancorp (SFBC) United States $0.085B 12.52
American River Bankshares (AMRB) United States $0.072B 14.82