Piedmont Office Realty Trust Return on Tangible Equity 2010-2024 | PDM

Current and historical return on tangible equity values for Piedmont Office Realty Trust (PDM) over the last 10 years. Return on tangible equity can be defined as the amount of net income returned as a percentage of shareholders equity, after subtracting intangible assets, goodwill and preferred equity.
Piedmont Office Realty Trust Return On Tangible Equity Historical Data
Date TTM Net Income Tangible Equity Return on Tangible Equity
2024-03-31 $-0.08B $1.63B -4.47%
2023-12-31 $-0.05B $1.67B -2.82%
2023-09-30 $0.06B $1.70B 3.24%
2023-06-30 $0.08B $1.71B 4.40%
2023-03-31 $0.09B $1.74B 4.97%
2022-12-31 $0.15B $1.77B 8.51%
2022-09-30 $0.04B $1.70B 2.28%
2022-06-30 $0.05B $1.72B 2.72%
2022-03-31 $0.05B $1.73B 2.82%
2021-12-31 $-0.00B $1.69B -0.11%
2021-09-30 $0.05B $1.76B 2.98%
2021-06-30 $0.05B $1.77B 2.84%
2021-03-31 $0.23B $1.79B 12.83%
2020-12-31 $0.23B $1.80B 13.01%
2020-09-30 $0.37B $1.83B 21.00%
2020-06-30 $0.37B $1.85B 21.71%
2020-03-31 $0.19B $1.69B 11.35%
2019-12-31 $0.23B $1.72B 13.96%
2019-09-30 $0.11B $1.58B 6.91%
2019-06-30 $0.12B $1.60B 7.35%
2019-03-31 $0.12B $1.63B 7.49%
2018-12-31 $0.13B $1.61B 7.90%
2018-09-30 $0.05B $1.64B 3.15%
2018-06-30 $0.16B $1.64B 8.99%
2018-03-31 $0.18B $1.69B 9.27%
2017-12-31 $0.13B $1.89B 6.76%
2017-09-30 $0.20B $2.08B 9.70%
2017-06-30 $0.06B $1.98B 2.82%
2017-03-31 $0.10B $1.99B 5.20%
2016-12-31 $0.10B $2.00B 4.95%
2016-09-30 $0.15B $1.99B 7.64%
2016-06-30 $0.16B $2.03B 8.26%
2016-03-31 $0.12B $1.98B 6.11%
2015-12-31 $0.13B $2.02B 6.46%
2015-09-30 $0.06B $1.91B 2.82%
2015-06-30 $0.07B $2.08B 3.26%
2015-03-31 $0.05B $2.11B 2.38%
2014-12-31 $0.04B $2.13B 1.89%
2014-09-30 $0.06B $2.16B 2.72%
2014-06-30 $0.07B $2.18B 3.11%
2014-03-31 $0.09B $2.20B 4.01%
2013-12-31 $0.10B $2.28B 4.16%
2013-09-30 $0.08B $2.34B 3.42%
2013-06-30 $0.08B $2.45B 3.05%
2013-03-31 $0.07B $2.44B 2.86%
2012-12-31 $0.09B $2.46B 3.69%
2012-09-30 $0.20B $2.49B 7.75%
2012-06-30 $0.24B $2.55B 9.27%
2012-03-31 $0.23B $2.60B 8.88%
2011-12-31 $0.23B $2.59B 8.79%
2011-09-30 $0.14B $2.54B 5.27%
2011-06-30 $0.13B $2.54B 4.84%
2011-03-31 $0.12B $2.57B 4.76%
2010-12-31 $0.12B $2.59B 4.61%
2010-09-30 $0.12B $2.62B 4.56%
2010-06-30 $0.07B $2.63B 2.71%
2010-03-31 $0.08B $2.66B 3.07%
2009-12-31 $0.08B $2.43B 3.04%
Sector Industry Market Cap Revenue
Finance REIT - Other Equity Trusts $0.902B $0.578B
Piedmont Office Realty Trust, Inc. is an integrated and self-managed real estate investment trust specializing in the acquisition, ownership, management and development of commercial real estate properties. That includes properties that are under construction, newly constructed, or have operating histories. The Company is primarily focused on high-quality Class A office buildings located in major U.S. markets and leased primarily to high-credit quality tenants. Major markets include: Washington, D.C., greater Los Angeles, the New York metropolitan area, Boston and Chicago. Piedmont conducts business primarily through Piedmont Operating Partnership, LP; a Delaware limited partnership, as well as performing the management of its buildings through two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Piedmont Government Services, LLC and Piedmont Office Management, LLC. Piedmont OP owns a majority of its properties directly and a limited number through joint ventures with real estate limited partnerships with other third parties.
Stock Name Country Market Cap PE Ratio
Prologis (PLD) United States $101.065B 19.25
American Tower (AMT) United States $90.673B 19.19
Welltower (WELL) United States $61.603B 27.18
Public Storage (PSA) United States $51.306B 17.34
Digital Realty Trust (DLR) United States $46.205B 22.41
Crown Castle (CCI) United States $41.892B 13.10
Extra Space Storage Inc (EXR) United States $33.453B 19.60
VICI Properties (VICI) United States $29.293B 12.82
Iron Mountain (IRM) United States $26.039B 21.46
SBA Communications (SBAC) United States $20.498B 14.41
Ventas (VTR) United States $20.267B 16.47
Alexandria Real Estate Equities (ARE) United States $20.171B 12.63
Healthpeak Properties (DOC) United States $13.639B 10.71
SEGRO (SEGXF) United Kingdom $13.472B 0.00
Host Hotels & Resorts (HST) United States $12.733B 9.12
Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP (BIP) Bermuda $12.557B 8.96
W.P Carey (WPC) United States $12.175B 11.11
Gaming And Leisure Properties (GLPI) United States $11.930B 11.91
Lamar Advertising (LAMR) United States $11.757B 15.17
CubeSmart (CUBE) United States $10.180B 16.88
Rexford Industrial Realty (REXR) United States $9.649B 19.78
Boston Properties (BXP) United States $9.645B 8.45
Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) United States $8.080B 11.64
EastGroup Properties (EGP) United States $7.990B 21.14
NNN REIT (NNN) United States $7.717B 12.83
Americold Realty Trust (COLD) United States $7.206B 18.79
Stag Industrial (STAG) United States $6.437B 15.24
First Industrial Realty Trust (FR) United States $6.228B 19.13
Healthcare Realty Trust (HR) United States $6.083B 10.30
Ryman Hospitality Properties (RHP) United States $5.908B 13.21
Terreno Realty (TRNO) United States $5.602B 25.52
Vornado Realty Trust (VNO) United States $4.899B 10.05
Kilroy Realty (KRC) United States $3.716B 7.04
SL Green Realty (SLG) United States $3.716B 8.69
CareTrust REIT (CTRE) United States $3.540B 17.67
Apple Hospitality REIT (APLE) United States $3.524B 9.14
Cousins Properties (CUZ) United States $3.522B 4.93
Sabra Healthcare REIT (SBRA) United States $3.357B 10.66
National Storage Affiliates Trust (NSA) United States $3.152B 15.99
Park Hotels & Resorts (PK) United States $3.113B 6.87
Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR) United States $3.079B 12.02
Granite Real Estate (GRP.U) Canada $3.045B 13.03
National Health Investors (NHI) United States $2.892B 15.38
Medical Properties Trust (MPW) United States $2.886B 3.29
Highwoods Properties (HIW) United States $2.756B 6.93
COPT Defense Properties (CDP) United States $2.730B 9.93
Keppel REIT (KREVF) Singapore $2.505B 0.00
Suntec Real Estate Investment Trust (SURVF) Singapore $2.291B 0.00
Four Corners Property Trust (FCPT) United States $2.248B 14.38
Douglas Emmett (DEI) United States $2.240B 7.27
OUTFRONT Media (OUT) United States $2.236B 7.96
Equity Commonwealth (EQC) United States $2.078B 19.57
Sunstone Hotel Investors (SHO) United States $2.057B 10.86
American Healthcare REIT (AHR) United States $1.913B 0.00
DiamondRock Hospitality (DRH) United States $1.739B 8.90
Pebblebrook Hotel Trust (PEB) United States $1.675B 8.42
InvenTrust Properties (IVT) United States $1.660B 14.47
Global Net Lease (GNL) United States $1.647B 5.11
Empire State Realty Trust (ESRT) United States $1.512B 9.44
RLJ Lodging Trust (RLJ) United States $1.500B 5.90
Xenia Hotels & Resorts (XHR) United States $1.461B 9.07
LTC Properties (LTC) United States $1.458B 13.05
Getty Realty (GTY) United States $1.428B 11.66
JBG SMITH Properties (JBGS) United States $1.362B 10.36
CoreCivic (CXW) United States $1.261B 7.13
Easterly Government Properties (DEA) United States $1.246B 10.52
NETSTREIT (NTST) United States $1.240B 13.74
Alexander & Baldwin Holdings (ALEX) United States $1.180B 13.21
Alexander's (ALX) United States $1.114B 12.72
Paramount (PGRE) United States $1.004B 5.57
Plymouth Industrial REIT (PLYM) United States $0.950B 11.38
Service Properties Trust (SVC) United States $0.824B 3.17
Brandywine Realty Trust (BDN) United States $0.792B 4.22
Hudson Pacific Properties (HPP) United States $0.689B 6.68
Diversified Healthcare Trust (DHC) United States $0.680B 23.58
Uniti Group (UNIT) United States $0.678B 2.09
Whitestone REIT (WSR) United States $0.666B 15.16
Community Healthcare Trust (CHCT) United States $0.643B 9.44
Summit Hotel Properties (INN) United States $0.641B 6.23
Global Medical REIT (GMRE) United States $0.607B 10.05
Gladstone Commercial (GOOD) United States $0.564B 9.72
Farmland Partners (FPI) United States $0.562B 61.42
Universal Health Realty Income Trust (UHT) United States $0.536B 11.75
One Liberty Properties (OLP) United States $0.504B 12.14
Gladstone Land (LAND) United States $0.473B 23.74
Chatham Lodging Trust (REIT) (CLDT) United States $0.411B 7.12
Peakstone Realty Trust (PKST) United States $0.411B 3.76
CTO Realty Growth (CTO) United States $0.394B 8.60
Net Lease Office Properties (NLOP) United States $0.358B 0.00
Postal Realty Trust (PSTL) United States $0.296B 12.45
Seritage Growth Properties (SRG) United States $0.265B 0.00
Industrial Logistics Properties Trust (ILPT) United States $0.234B 7.10
Alpine Income Property Trust (PINE) United States $0.210B 10.14
City Office REIT (CIO) Canada $0.203B 3.74
Orion Office REIT (ONL) United States $0.188B 2.10
BRAEMAR HOTELS & RESORTS INC (BHR) United States $0.184B 4.78
Creative Media & Community Trust (CMCT) United States $0.060B 0.00
Clipper Realty (CLPR) United States $0.058B 6.28
Highlands REIT (HHDS) United States $0.055B 0.00
Global Self Storage (SELF) United States $0.053B 12.70
Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc (AHT) United States $0.036B 5.73
Sotherly Hotels (SOHO) United States $0.023B 1.75
Medalist Diversified REIT (MDRR) United States $0.013B 0.00