First High-School Education Group Revenue 2020-2020 | FHS

First High-School Education Group revenue from 2020 to 2020. Revenue can be defined as the amount of money a company receives from its customers in exchange for the sales of goods or services. Revenue is the top line item on an income statement from which all costs and expenses are subtracted to arrive at net income.
First High-School Education Group Annual Revenue
(Millions of US $)
2020 $65
2019 $49
First High-School Education Group Quarterly Revenue
(Millions of US $)
2020-12-31 $25
Sector Industry Market Cap Revenue
Consumer Discretionary Schools $0.100B $0.068B
First High-School Education Group is the operator of private high schools principally in Western China. First High-School Education Group is based in NEW YORK.
Stock Name Country Market Cap PE Ratio
Bright Horizons Family Solutions (BFAM) United States $9.321B 195.81
Grand Canyon Education (LOPE) United States $4.300B 16.05
New Oriental Education & Technology (EDU) China $3.788B 9.21
TAL Education Group (TAL) China $3.785B 0.00
Graham Holdings (GHC) United States $3.318B 15.67
Laureate Education (LAUR) United States $2.940B 0.00
Afya (AFYA) Brazil $2.225B 36.20
Strategic Education (STRA) United States $1.980B 14.21
Adtalem Global Education (ATGE) United States $1.824B 12.76
Stride (LRN) United States $1.269B 19.21
Hailiang Education Group (HLG) China $0.911B 0.00
Zhangmen Education (ZME) China $0.880B 0.00
Perdoceo Education (PRDO) United States $0.842B 7.52
American Public Education (APEI) United States $0.544B 18.33
Vitru (VTRU) Brazil $0.426B 0.00
Bright Scholar Education Holdings (BEDU) China $0.423B 10.14
IHuman (IH) China $0.360B 0.00
GP Strategies (GPX) United States $0.355B 22.37
17 Education & Technology Group (YQ) China $0.232B 0.00
Universal Technical Institute Inc (UTI) United States $0.201B 0.00
Lincoln Educational Services (LINC) United States $0.187B 12.89
Lixiang Education Holding (LXEH) China $0.120B 0.00
ATA (AACG) China $0.100B 0.00
RYB Education (RYB) China $0.094B 0.00
OneSmart Education Group (ONE) China $0.082B 0.00
RISE Education Cayman American Depositary Shares (REDU) China $0.069B 20.50
Puxin (NEW) China $0.063B 0.00
Meten EdtechX Education Group (METX) China $0.057B 0.00
Ambow Education Holding (AMBO) China $0.040B 0.00
Four Seasons Education (Cayman) (FEDU) China $0.032B 0.00
China Liberal Education Holdings (CLEU) China $0.012B 0.00